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Just Got Nv5 Silencer


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Well after ordering this thing 3 weeks ago, I finally received this thing today. If you don't know what this is, it's from the company that made the famous VGA silencers for the Radeon 9xxx series. Anyway, I quickly installed this thing, and installation was super easy. Just remove the old cooler, slap some thermal paste on the core and RAM, and put the cooler on there. That simple.


Now before I go on, I was getting:

57C Idle

75C Load


Temps with my GT clocked at 400/1100. Max overclock with the stock cooler was 420/1120.


In eager anticipation, I fired up the Rivatuner Hardware Monitoring, and I was shocked at what I saw.


70C Idle

105C Load


I was in shock, so I removed the card and cooler, and found that a normal thin layer of thermal paste would not do the job. I looked at the cooler and there was only a small line of thermal paste on the copper where the core was supposed to be. So I applied more (much more than I ever would have thought would be needed), and I fired up my machine again. This time, I saw much better results.


50C Idle

65C Load


Max overclock now is 430/1132. Now I'm able to run my card at 410/1110 with temps cooler than they were at 400/1100 with stock cooler!


Highly recommended if not watercooling.

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nah, it wasn't really an issue with my core not being level. The way the cooler is set up is that there are 4 sections of copper that stick out a bit more than the rest of the cooler, and that's where the memory is cooled. So when I put the cooler on the first time, I didn't take it back off to check for contact. Turns out there was a small gap between the core and the copper, and I thought it was totally secure since the RAM coolers were preventing me from tightening any further. I had to apply more like a wall of AS5 than a thin layer for the layer to reach up and touch the copper.

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what the heck are arctic cooling up to? are these coolers even on there website yet?! :huh:


and, i'm shocked to hear you STILL have to use like a cream cheese amount of arctic silver for it to make full contact... my vga silencer is tightened as tight as it will go and i've tried from loose to tight, then lapping, then ... *sigh*


it's just disappointing that a flaw like that is cropping up again...


but, anyway, nice that you finally got it sorted and have a nicer oc and better temps eh... :)

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