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Ocing A 2gig P4


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I'm using my back-up system until I get enough money to build my new system but until I can get that I have to run on this...


Pentium 4 (Northwood C) 2.0

Asus P4P800-Deluxe

1GIG Corsair XMS Memory

ATI 9700 non-pro (stock)


So far I have OCed it a good bit but I just wanted to see what some of you guys/girls thought...


FSB-130 X 20-Ratio = 2.6 @ 1.600Volts (Using stock cooling and getting 42-43 under full load.)

Sisoft Sandra CPU Score: 6868

Sisoft Sandra Memory score: 3256

3DMark2001 (Default): 14971

Doom3 TimeDemo (1024/768, Ultra Settings): 26.6FPS


How do those scores look for this set-up?




FSB-135 X 20-Ratio = 2.7 @ 1.600Volts (Temps seem to be the same...)

Sisoft Sandra CPU Score: 7132

Sisoft Sandra Memory score: 3340

3DMark2001 (Default): 15097

Doom3 TimeDemo (1024/768, Ultra Settings): 26.6FPS




FSB-140 X 20-Ratio = 2.8 @ 1.600Volts (Temps seem to be the same...)

Sisoft Sandra CPU Score: 7332

Sisoft Sandra Memory score: 3391

3DMark2001 (Default): 15128

Doom3 TimeDemo (1024/768, Ultra Settings): 27.2FPS


So far I have gotten an 800MHz OC... I think thats pretty good for this older modle P4... :)

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