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Last week after brunch with my wife, I was hit broadside by a yahoo in a Mustang. I wish I had my camera at the time of the accident, because his car was smashed like an accordian. His mustang is about 2 feet shorter than normal. His was totalled. Mine sustained about $7,000 damage. It is good to have a big truck. My wife who is 25 weeks pregnant and I sustained no injuries, and neither did the dope in the car.

Technically the accident was my fault because I was taking a left accross two lanes of traffic, and he claims to have been going straight. I know that I looked both ways twice before I left the parking lot and there was no-one in sight in either direction. Heck, I have a pregnant wife, and do not take any chances when she is with me. When the cop showed up he told his side of the story and I told mine. She said that he had the right of way and I was getting a ticket. At this point in time I was getting ready to yell at someone, but I was able to relax. As I composed myself I went over to the lady cop who was writing out my ticket, and asked her if there could be any other possible way this accident could have happened. I asked her if it were possible that this other driver might have pulled out of a sidestreet at a high rate of speed and was taking a left the same time as me. She told me that it was possible, but that wasn't his story. I told her that I have an obvious pregnant wife (25 weeks) and would take no chances with her in the car under any circumstances. I asked her if it was plausable that this person wearing a Lions jersey might have been very reckless in driving because he was late for the game. It was 11:50 am on Sunday, and the Lions played at 1 pm. Hmmm Ford Field was about an hour away at least. She seemed to understand my point of view. Needless to say I did not get a ticket. Sometimes talking rationally does work. Should get my Dodge Ram back next week, after the body shop does their magic.

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