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Molex Pin Extractors

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Hey all!

have you ever tried to sleve your PSU but discovered you need a male and female molex pin extractor to do the job? well I did only problem was I didn't have either of these tools so I decided to make them using just a couple of pens and some model glue tips visit my web site to find out how I did it ,takes about 15 minutes and saves you some money to boot ...enjoy



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And for the 20pin molex,

if you can get access to these (of course DONT TAKE THEM ON THE STREET) just cut the point off and squeeze the shaft flat with a pair of needle nose pliers (those without theet to keep the shaft nice and flat.)

Two of those will sweep your troubles away at no cost, just push the pin in as far as you can, insert the flat S/S shaft in the molex pin hole on both sides till you reach the bottom and pull the pin out.It comes out as if it was never attached :P

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