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Partitions In Raid 0


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You set up the RAID as normall, then, install windows (or just begin to install windows, and just make the partitions when installing as normall. The os will pick everything up if your made the ARRAY correctly (by that i mean if you had 2 disks in raid, it will just look like 1 disk to the os).

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thanks...does it matter how i partition, or just set them up any old way?


...and don't i need to partition before i can set the raid up(as in, don't i need to install xp first?

It depends on what you mean by "setting the raid up"


The steps are...


1) Define the RAID array - This makes the computer think there is only 1 hard drive when in reality there is 2


2) Press F6 when Windows first starts to install(look on the screen, it tells you when)


3) Supply the drivers for the RAID controller via floppy disk. Most drivers are found on the motherboard cd and you need to put them on a floppy disk.


4) Once all that is done, windows setup will continue like normal, partition your dirve and then format.



You can't partition a RAID array that doesn't exist yet. And no it doesn't matter how you partiiton it, Windows sees it as 1 physical drive, not 2.

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