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Ok ya i d/l mandrake got it installed...but i cant get onto the internet i did the configure your computer and went to internet conections selected cable connection...it showed my onboard lan and selected that then after that blah help me lol my isp is cox communications if wondering if need more info ask i just want to be able to hook up to the internet now!

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Okay, lets see... Mandrake + Nic issue, heh. I had the same issue when I first used Mandrake...


It couldn't detect my NIC card either, but it's been a while since I used mandrake though :/


I'd like you to run a few programs and, even if you have to type it up, make it grammically correct and precise. All of these will be ran in a TERMINAL window and are simply words that execute a program. The user you will need to run these as is root, so when you open your terminal window, you need to run


and enter your root password.


The first command is


This will tell me if you have a nic card loaded or not



This will tell me your system information so we can properly troubleshoot you :P



And this last one will help me see what ethernet devices are currently running.


Again, it's important that I can get this information in the correct format :/


I'll be back to check if you responded yet later tonight. :)

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