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Dropped 100 Points In Average


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I recently moved all of my computers to a new room, and have almost all of them (two satellite computers still offline) set back up and folding. After three days of letting the systems run, I noticed that my points averages ad dropped to the mid 200s, which is odd considering that the top three computers in my farm should be able to get mid-300s together easily. While looking at the numbers, my fastest XP rig suddenly restarted. Sure enough, the fan control had been knocked all the way to minimum, causing the computer to restart every so often. Of course, when [email protected] is set as a service in XP and the comp crashes, it doesn't always come back up. That machine basically had been down for three days, even thought it was running and EMIII still read it as okay (I normally use it to check to see that all comps are up and folding, and close it as soon as the numbers update.)


I'll get my averages back up there; and come mid-October, I should have a new s939 up and running.

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