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What's The Best Mouse?

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the best in zee intire volt is zee http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-156-007&depa=0


Without a doubt my young grasshoppa.

Also heres a review from this mouse.



This is a fantastic value for the money, considering this one has the same dpi as the MUCH more expensive logitechs


the back and forward buttons are so easy for internet scrolling.


Also has two scrolls, one for fast and one for slow,

Beleive me its a world of a difference than just having one.

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ball mouses are for lazy people ;)

lazy people?!?!?


i used to have an optical (sigh) but it broke, so now i have the ball mouse in the optical mouse casing :lol:

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Of course everyone loves ther overpriced mouse


its like going to bestbuy and buying 1000 dollars worth of krappy sony xplode speakers then braging to everybody thats its the best because its expensive


i guess it might be the best but for a price like that and the little features you get i dont think its even worth looking at


If our looking for alot of bang for the buck check out the O-35g


- 2 scrolls

- back and forward button

- excellent dpi just as good as good as the rediculous priced ones

- suprisingly cheap

- nice big fat buttons that dont slip :)


Ive had it for 4 years now and hasnt let me down once

aopen is always the way to go

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