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Sweet Looking Or Ugly Looking?


What car do you prefer...?  

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  1. 1. What car do you prefer...?

    • Awesome looking but weighs down, making the car it slower?
    • Ugly or So-so looking but fast!(AKA Sleeper)
    • Ugly, slow piece of **** but inside is actaully a v12 in a Civic.
    • Awesome Ferrari but inside is a 4 cylinder Corrolla engine...
    • Other. ( If so specify.) I need to know your opinion!
    • Who cares about this poll =[ I got me self a bike(not a motorbike)

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Hey there! My friends was talking about fixing up a car and stuff. Some of my friends says So-so looking with Turbo and stuff.... lol some says Who cares speed i want it to be P.H.A.T. =] lol(if you dont know Pretty hot and tempting... =]) LOL! Well here we go!


BTW i chose nothing.

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i think you need to work on you choices next time. I prefer looks over speed, but wouldn't sacrifice either too much....what the heck choice am I supposed to choose??? They make no sense and/or are situational.


I give you 1/2 a star out of five for poll creation abilities :P

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