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Alright Folks... Let Me Have It...

General Lee

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First off...


MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum

AMD 64 3800+ (2.4 GHz)

1 GB RAM (two sticks - timings: 2-2-2-5

X800 Pro


At first OCing wasn't going well at all becaus of temps and then I put some AS5 on it and the temps dropped like a rock. I've got the CPU up to about 2.508 by increasing the FSB (HTT in this case because the bus is on the chip...correct?) to 209 (from 200). OC'ed the X800 Pro a little as well. Everything seems to be pretty stable. Runs Far Cry at a very high level with no problems. Temps never get above 51-52 degrees on a load. VCore is 1.55


The problem is that when I adjust the HTT to 210, it wont boot. It will get to the screen that allows me to get to the BIOS and then it will just hang. Or sometimes it wont get there at all.


OK!! that's it... I'm at the mercy of the OCC...

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make sure the agp/pci is locked...that will stop your oc right there. and duke is right about the vcore...but you should be getting higher than that on stock. you probably shouldn't end up having to up the vcore anyways.

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Here you go:


Adjust your BIOS to reflect these settings. It should help you quite a bit, and help you gain some knowledge along the way.


Under Cell Menu:


- Go into DRAM Config (first option):

- Select 200MHz

- 1T

- Manually adjust your timings to 2-2-2-10


Back in Cell Menu Main:


- Disable Agressive Timings

- Disable Spread Sprectrum

- Set your AGP to 67

- Set your LDT to 4X

- Set your multi to 12x

- Leave your vcore to auto

- Adjust the vdimm to 2.85v

- Leave the Vagp to auto or 1.5v


Those settings will gain you the ability to get around 250HTT, but I doubt your RAM is going to go that high. BH-5 would go that high, but not on 2.85v...Micron chips would do it, but on 2.5-2-2-10. I hope you have some high speed, low latency RAM...otherwise that's about all you can get.


Also, you need to keep your HT Speed at or under 1000MHz. The K8N Neo2 was designed to run within those specs, so anything outside of 1000MHz and your gonna have stability problems.

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