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Any R/c Flyers Here?


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Looks like this will be my next hole to throw money in....


We have an R/C field down the road, been many times...

Been researching/looking at R/c planes for years...

I have seen threads in here on cars, but not planes



I'm Ready to make the move!!


Just bought the Great Planes Real Flight flight simulator...very nice...


I'm sure it has already saved my much $$$ in crashed planes....


Can't decide on an RTF or an ARF (not enough time or modeling skill for a full kit!)


Just curious if there are any other flyers about and if there are any words of wisdom





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I fly just about every weekend and love it. Since you have a sim, you're headed in the right direction.


Are you wanting a nitro plane or a electric plane?

Since you're close to a field, you could easily get help from members of that RC club. They can hook you up to a "buddy box" that can help you train with your plane. Basically, a wire hooks up to your transmitter and theirs. If you get in trouble, they can easily take over the controls. This is the easiest and safest way to learn how to fly without worrying of crashing your plane early on.


Just remember: You will crash. It might be 50 flights later, but it will happen one day.


I'm mostly in electric park flyers, since I live right smack in the middle of the city and the closest RC field is 15 miles away (with the traffic: 45mins). There is a field right down from my place (about a mile) that I fly my electric planes in so I don't have to worry about driving down to a rc field.


I have flown both nitro and electric, and I prefer electric over nitro.



Electric planes are much quieter

No Mess (No oil residue to clean up after flying nor do you have to fuel them)


If you want to get in to electrics then I would suggest the "Slow Stick". It will cost you about $150. It's a very slow flyer that is very easy to fly and very forgiving.


If you're wanting to go the nitro route, then you may want to go with the Hobbico SuperStar 40 or Hobbico NexSTAR 46.

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Linux...you never cease to amaze me!


PRobably glow...


I had the NExstar in my hands this morning at a shop not too far....

Was looking at the Hangar 9 Xtra Easy2....


any brands I should stay away from


I'm spoiled... the field is less than 5 minutes away...and there is a nice playground for my little one......


The sim is excellent... taking off and flying is easy.....


its..ummm that landing part!! :P


I also have about 3 acres of land and am surrounded by fields (some trees, but not many..) already have permission from the wife to mow and smooth our back field and fly from there......later


but at the park the club that is there has been VERY helpful....


(4 time National Champion pattern flyer was there last night (16 year old kid!) Great to watch..)


and tonight is training night (every Wednesday...)


if you are a member of the club, instruction is free!


and yep...they use buddy boxes.....


I'll pick a few more brains tonight...

leaning towards an RTF to get going... (less time and $ invested WHEN i crash it!!)


and then spend the winter building my P-51 or F4U corsair....



Keep the ideas coming



Linux... any reason to stick with a .40 over a .60 size??


Seems the flight skills are about the same..... or not?

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My grandpa has been flying RC planes for ages upon ages! I have taken a few lessons from him and i have flown some of his custom built planes before. I am no expert but i can handle the bigger planes better lol. As for landing, i woudl suggest touch and go patterns for an hour or something. Get to know your plane, how it handles, and its ranges, capinbilities, and how well it cna handle rough landings flight etc etc. Once you get the feel for your plane, it gets a lot easier. As long as you make sure your tail hits the ground first, you dont have a great chance of having it flop over and landing on the engine.... V V V BAD! trust me lol...



As for the .4 over the .6 size, the .4 will be more efficient in fuel... But, it depends on what type of plane you are flying. If it is a smaller plane, the .40 will be king over the .60 and for a bigger plane, its the opposite.



Hope i helped out a lil bit!

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ive met some RC guys whove spent more money on their hobby than i ever did on all my real ratings.......a small cessna only costs 15 grand in decent shape and these guys will go plunk down 6 grand on a tiny tiny jet engine. or the same on a dual ducted fan model....


its weird to watch them do that but hey its what they want to do.

i figured id let other people pay me to fly their stuff for them. that way im not spending my money on crashing planes. :)

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once i bought a rtf decathlon hahhh only flew it once then str8 DOWNN <_<

i was learning obviously,now i still dont know jack but i am interested in rc planes,only problem i live in the city so i gotta go find a biggg park with barely any peeps

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There are a couple RTF helis around, but expect at least $300 for anything good....


they are VERY difficult.....


the flying for me is going great..

Learned on an LT-40


built a SPAD (coroplast and gutter pipe!) that flew GREAT!

have a small funfly P-51 (not scale!)

a 4*60 with a little 4 stroke engine and a couple electric planes!


No new motherboards or CPU's lately...been spending too much on planes!

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