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What Should I Expect Opening Up A Laptop Battery?


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It's an older nimh battery, not lithium-ion.


According to the press release it's supposed to last upto 2 hours 30 minutes max with my laptop. When I got it second hand a few months ago it'd last about... an hour full load, now it's like...dead as soon as I unplug the power adapter (found out today, probly left it running on mains too long or something?!). Maybe the circuitry in the battery is naffed, dunno. I was thinking about trying my hand at replacing the cells in it. Figured I might aswell give it a shot if it's knackered anyway.


Should I be expecting to see some sorta water in there or something? I know car batteries have de-ionised water in them somewhere, although I don't quite know why :)



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