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Sick Of The Same Old 100FPS In HL?


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..Well i was browsing the net... and stubled on a couple commands...


I wanted to test them out (even tho i never play CS)...I was running CS @ 300-400FPS and was pretty excited... So i said WTH, ill go play a little now. Let me tell you recoil=nothing now for some reason shots are a lot tigheter. Anyhow i got 3 people all headshots with the pistol... They called me a hacker.. lol Anyway i said nope "340FPS" anyway some idiot was like "I am a developer for vavle blah blah blah thats impossible..." I was like

"Bro, give me your SN and STFU...."...lol anyway.. I sent him this and made him feel soo stupid.... CS noobs..

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