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When Mice Meet Modders

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man this is soooo creative, the person should patend it so no one can steal his ideas

you can't really patent the creation of it though, only the selling of it. So it wouldn't stop modders from doing it for themselves ;)


and amen to that! :)

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I'm' talkin about the little lego person and the LED and everything, cuz if you're gonna mod your head..you might as well do it right!


Edit: or even better, get like a fake eyeball for behind the window :bah:

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lol , but all you see would be cavity and brain , maybe a lil movement but dirty and squishy all te time

actually, all you'd see is bone....unless you're suggesting we replace someone's skull with an acrylic window? that would be.....interesting.


BTW, at Cornell University, where i went to school, they have a cow with a see thru stomach. I forget how they did it, but it's a real live cow, and it's used for educational/scientific purposes. The cow functions normally, and probably doesn't even know she is "different".

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