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Water Cooling Tubing


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Hey guys, Im looking this up but maybe you could give me the answer b4 i find it.

How do they measure water tubing?

You can either have 1/2" or 3/8".

Is this by diameter? or by circumference?

im sure this is kinda a stupid question but I cant tell by looking at it haha



thanks guys

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Its Diameter of the inside of the tubing (OD) and But its not the exact Diameter of the tubing itself, so it is 1/2 3/8 1/4 ID...


Pie= 3.14159(est) x radius^2 (diameter divided in half)


and pie is used to measure VOLUME... lol...

Diameter is just the "width" so to speek of the tubing





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Here is what I have and may pose a problem.

I have a koolance system, and I found a nice water block Id like to use for my A64-Bit thats comming it quite the soon now ;)

Koolance on their website sais they use 1/4" tubing, the waterblock im looking at is either 3/8" or 1/2"


so here is what im thinking and I am hoping you guys could give a suggestion.

Mind you, I dont have the cash to spend on making a new water cooling system myself just to solve this, plus, mine is working just fine :)


should I:

A: Buy hose adapters that will go from 1/4-3/8 and get the water block I want.

B: Get a koolance water block designed for the A64


C: going back to A, im not sure what this is telling me Hose Adapter.

Now is that saying that a 3/8" tubing and a 1/4" tubing will fit into that without leakage? or is it what I think of as it will allow a 3/8" tubing to connect to 1/4" tubing? So if you think its idea 1, Then techniclly would I be able to buy the 3/8" water block and be able to use it with the 1/4" tubing I have?


OR...(i just thought of this) maybe i should just buy 3/4" tubing and get the adapters to go into my exos system



thanks guys :)

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Depending on the block, some come with plastic or brass screw in barbs. Most companies only install 1/2 or 3/8 inch, all you need to do is go to the local hardware store and buy some 1/4 inch barb fitting with 1/4 inch male pipe threads and change them out. Danger Den will normally do this for you for free, but you need to ask.

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... Ok inorder to get proper flow from going from a smaller hose size to a larger here are your choices


1.Get the block fitter with 1/4'' Fittings

2.Connect the line going TO your block normal to a small res then from that to the block (So it will totally fill the 1/2 tubing)

3.Just Convert right where the block connects, BUT you will have perfromance decreases because water will have to build enough pressure to the threw the block FILL the block all at once... Which all can be prevented by putting a res infront of the block.

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