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Hard Drive Transplant


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I figured you guys might get a laugh from this.


My boss came to me with a friend of his today and needed files from the friends old hd moved to a new one in a new comp. The problem is, the old hd was sitting in an old dell :ph34r: :ph34r:


As a few of you may know, Dell loves to make life miserable for people when opening up their computers, so naturally I gave up on trying to pull out the old hd even though all the screws were out and it still didn't budge (the assembly has it locked in somehow). Now you may ask what the hell I did to move those files over to the new system... I'm sure Taz would be proud of my solution, in the end I rigged the old HD as a slave and loaded the new system to XP to transfer the files. My answer: ;)

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