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Dvd-rw Keeps Failing


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I wonder what information is needed:


- Windows XP Sp2

- 1 gig DDR 2700 ram

- UDMA6 HDD w/ 5 partitions: free space: 3.8, 438megs, 11.8, 4.9, 3.5 gigs

- Sony DRU 510A 4x DVD-RW

- Burning DVD data file @ 4x/2x/haven't had the patience to try 1x -- failed simulation


I'm using Nero, but Easy CD creator doesn't work either. The odd thing is that it worked last week. I installed SP2 lately, but I think I was able to burn dvds after that upgrade. I've also installed the firmware upgrade in the Sony site.


Basically after two dvds failed, I decided to only try simulations. Every time I try to burn dvd data, even if it's simply 1.7 gigs (just to see), it fails. I've tried changing the cache directory to one of the other drives (c drive has 3.8 free, so I moved it to E and F, which has 11.8 and 4.9 gigs). Still failed. I tried burning at 2x instead of 4x. Failed.


So I tried burning in Easy CD Creator. At least it gave me better error messages: basically either it's a buffer underrun error, or that the program somehow doesn't know where it's written so it spits the disc back out. Also incidentally one of the Easy CD Creator test burns resulted in a disc with 'burn marks' (lighter areas that look like the CD had data burned into it), so I couldn't use it.


I'm sort of out of ideas. I've tried rebooting to clear out RAM too (sometimes when I leave XP on for a long time the speed test does poorly). What say you?

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Try testing the speed of the drive with Nero's CD/DVD speed test (forgot the proper term for the tool) This tool will run a test (with blank media) of your drive. Also, download and install the latest version of Nero (there are downloadable trials).

Are you using the same media each time? What media do you use (RitekG05 for example)?

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