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Minimum Psu Requirement For Athlon 3200

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If anyone can help.


I have had (up until recently) an Athlon 2600+ in my rig with an Enermax 350w dual fan PSU. I just a couple of days ago upgraded to a 3200+, and now my machine won't post. At least this is what I had suspected, until I thought to maybe try a different PSU. I used the cheap one that came with the case and only plugged it into the board and my main HDD, and voila! POST! After that success, I plugged the Enermax back in (under same conditions) and it POSTed again! So I gradually began plugging the rest of my IDE HDDs and Optical drives back in, POSTing along the way. As soon as I plugged my SATA drive in, it stopped POSting. I then worked backwards, and now it won't POST again even with only my main HDD. So I guess my main question is if I need a stronger PSU, and if so, how much more? I may want to OC this chip in the future, so take that into consideration also.




Asus A7N8X deluxe E

AMD 3200+

2x256 MB Crucial DDR400

40 G Maxtor HDD (main)

80 G Maxtor HDD (storage)

160G Maxtor HDD (storage) SATA


LG 4120b DVD writer


Thermaltake Smartfan II (intake)

Thermaltake Volcano 11- HSF

2 unknown 80mm fans for additional airflow (1 exhaust, 1 ducted intake to Volcano)

ATI Radeon 9200

Leadtek Winfast 2000 expert TV Tuner




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