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Mobo: Abit Vs Asus

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I plan to build a 64bit machine. Do I go Abit or Asus for the Mobo? Have you experienced any problems with the following boards? Please share your experiences or pass on a link to any reviews.


Abit KV8 SKT 754 K8T800 SATA Gig LAN ATX Raid Sound OTES




Asus K8VSE Deluxe VIA K8T800, ATX, DDR400, Gbit Lan, USB 2.0, 1394, 6Ch Audio, SATA, Raid, WiFi Port

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i'll pass on to u what a few people passed on to me...

Asus rock at OCing. a lot of people dont like them, but theres nothing better for OCing then asus

Voltage core droop will stop you from getting any truely amazing oc. And the ABIT board just isn't that great of a ocer. MSI is king of A64 right now(DFI would probaly take that crown for 754).

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