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AT to ATX mod?

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okay, here's the deal. i was sitting around in my electronics class, bored as ever, when i decided to start a case mod. now granted i have never modded a case but i guess i had to start sooner or later. anywho, so i sketched my design onto the side of some old AT case that i found in "the cage". after i was done drawing it on i was positive i needed to do it so i asked my teacher if i could have the case to mod. he said yes with only one requirement: that i have to convert it from AT to ATX!!! now i've already dremeled the design but when i designed it i had the AT powersupply and general configuration in mind. so what i was wondering was if anyone had ever housed the powersupply seperately and had a cable running to the comp.? i dont have to worry about making the new back pannel due to my access to a CNC plasma cutter, he he heeee... ;)


pics of my case thus far:

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