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Just Bought A New Case!

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Newegg actually came through! I didn't think I'd ever find a good price on something from newegg again, but they were only a few that had the Antec P160 WITH a side window (really wanted that feature with it) and was the cheapest even after shipping:






I can't wait. It looks so sweet! (i saw it in person at microcenter)


Also, there's come with 2 fans, when normally it's only supposed to come with one, which doesn't sound like much, but since they're 120mm's, i don't have any of those, so it means i don't have to go out and buy another one :)

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I like everything about that case except the bezel. It's got a lot of room, no doubt. Good fans, good HDD area. I just hate plastichrome. I like how the side panel opens too.

the front bezel was what first attracted me to the case. heh. Then when i saw all the other features, i was in awe. Yeah, it would have been cool if the bezel was aluminum also though, though then maybe since it's more prone to scratching, it's better that it's not, especially since from what I've read, it's awfully hard to take off the front for the first time. shrug.


They didn't have the side panel out when i saw it, so i didn't get to see it in person, but it sounds like an interesting concept.


Oh, and I also like that all the edges are rounded off very nicely....there shouldn't be any threat of slicing my finger open this time around! ;)


Now if monarchcomputer will just answer my questions so I can place my order there already! (getting the mobo, cpu and 2 raptors from them)

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