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I decided to only over clock my gpu... well i already have my cpu oced to 2.10 GHz but thats not big differece.... i have good airflow, but i just dont want to take the risks... i stuck the case thermometer right on the hs of my gpu and it dont get above 45.4 when i oc it... it raises my fps in aao by about 20-40 depending on wher ei am in the game....


the default is 324/189 (core/mem)


and im raising it to the max.... without artifacts that is 398.88/237.81



and having my cpu clocked up ONE GHz and not touching my ramm and ocing my gpu to the max i run about 34 degrees c



i dont overclock the rest because i dont have great parts to start with and it would be sencless for me to waste my cpu and ram if it dosnt do me any good...

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