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Dual Socket Mobo

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Check this out. I found this on newegg today. A mobo with a 754 and 939 pin socket!!



Anyone ever see anything like this?? I've seen dual mobos before but the sockets were the same. Anyway just thought i'd throw it out there.



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Ali chipsets have been around for a LOOOOONG time- i had a bunch of k6/2 boards that had them on there and a few "pre" k6/2 boards- they were barely keeping up when VIA came out with their chipsets and Ali couldnt keep up with the high demand for "bling bling" hardware so they started into the smaller multi-media applications and away from the PC industry - you would be supprized how many devices you own that have an Ali chip in em:






its hard to say how that motherboard would actually perform since most "dual type" motherboards are to offer a hardware sollution over performance but it cant be that much of a "high performer" as it has a pretty shoddy looking chipset heatsink (like the intel 815 chipset heatsinks)


but it would be a nice little platform to benchmark different chips on an EQUAL playing field since both chips would be using the same motherboard LOL and then just use the results to compare to the same chip on a specific high end motherboard


i would say if your the adventerous type and want to see performance of 2 of the socketed chips on the same board - get it - test the chips - then stick the machine with one of the chips in the corner and have it ripping or folding ^_^

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true but thats just a matter of memory addressing - if you used the same ram on one side and swapped processors, put the ram on the other side, then they would still be using the same routes just in a different location - at first glance i would have figured that they would have that board set up for dual DDR ~_~


guess the only way to really figure out how it performs is to buy it, buy the 2 maximum processors that it supports and test it -_- then buy 2 choice boards for each processor and test them against that dual board

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