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Evil Genius!


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This game just released a demo. This game is freakin awesome!!! You guys really need to check it out. If your into the strategy type games, or micromanagment type stuff, youve got to play this game.


You play the role of an evil genius. You are bent to take over the world any way you can. So you must build your base and train your minions, then slowly take over the world!!! Check it out!!! http://www.howevilareyou.com/us/




Here is some pictures of my LAIR!!






When you play the game, post a pic of your lair!! I like seeing different designs.



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I love how the agents sneak around the base. One thing youll notice. If an agent is wondering your base, and doesnt see anything supsicious he'll just leave you alone. Whereas if he sees an armory, or a gunrack or maybe a training range, he'll plant some bombs and blow you to crap! I love it!!


You can see how I compensated for that. I built a corridor of doors. That way, it takes the agent forever to meander his way through the doors, and by the time he gets through I tag him for a kill. Its beautifal.


I like to have lots of valets to. If you mark them to weaken a character you can frisk the agents and the agents ill be less suspicious.

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