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Folding Again


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Well I tried out [email protected] a while ago, but dident stick with it, and just stoped doing it period. :(


Well I decided to jump back on the wagon and start folding reguraly again.


Soooooooo just thought I'd tell everyone, cause im now Folding for OCC. :D


This place is just to cool to not [email protected] for, and of Course to fight cancer.


woot now im gonna get a DNA strand. :D

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oh yea sorry if that post sounded like Im doing it only for OCC, beleive me im doing it to fight cancer. I lost my grandpa two years ago to cancer :(

Welcome back, just lost my grandmother April 26 04, and have an aunt that just had part of her lung cut out after beating throat cancer I think it was? she went through all that chemo stuff, and have lost numerous family members and friends also





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