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ok im just gunna go through EVERYTHING again, some of this i know but i dont want to leave things out.... so i will just say everything.. this will be a long post. and if you dont have time dont read it.. i need a professionl answer, because if i screw up im computerless. give me tips if you want!


Im sorry for postign this here but its the best area i could find, since since it does have to do with overclockign at a point but i didnt want to post 9 posts!





So heres the story behind all this just so you guys dont need to ask....


About a year ago i baught a compaq, i knew a fair amount about comptuers... but all i cared abotu was fast, and big.... over time i started upgradign things like ramm and harddrive. then recentley i got pissed at the case and painted it chrome ripped off the front and pulled my drives out half way to reduce wire cluster and hopefully get more air flow... i then took the side panel off entirley and put a window fan in it..... this not doign the job since my comptuer was still at 60 degrees c and was shuttign down (i wasnt doing nothing, my idel temp was 60c) i decided its time to get some fans, since i had 3 fans. 1 was the heatsink fan 1 was the psu fan and the other was the case fan, my case fan when i threw it out clocked in at a whopping 300 rpms my heatsink fan clocks in at 990 rpms this is to slow... so i baught 4 aspire fans they are about 1700 i belive... dont take my word... either way they blwo air... and that is what i want after all. i got thermal greece... for a while my computer was at 33 c while i was on it but when i play aao (the game i play) it goes up to 48c... i hear this isnt horrible but i dont like it.


So a few days ago i finished a job i had goign and am gettign 350 dollars.... i was looking for things to buy to make this peice of garbage better! my first shopign cart was a better bigger psu for an atx case.. i figured hell if it dont fit ill put it on the bottom.. and a better heatsink... i said better not the best. but then shortley after that i found out most name brand computers (compaq) dont supprt peices that arnt their own... so this psu and the heatsink woudl be pointless... so now i figured hell ill jsut do everything..... get a new mobo, heatsink, case, thermal greece, and blah blah blah



Now where i need help is i need to MAKE sure these peice will work together, to my knowlage (not much you can see <<) it will... but again i need to make sure!


so here is a list of things i need to know


1. will these peices work together and with the peices i already have?

2. are these peices worth while?

3. would you recomend different (better) for the same price or cheaper?


what i am getting below





This is my all time dream case so dont try to talk me out of it! :-p



Case Type: Mid-Tower

Color: Black

Material: Steel

Drive Bays: 5.25" x 4,3.5"(External) x 2, 3.5"(Internal) x 4

Expansion Slots: 7

Front Ports: USB2.0 x 2,Mic x 1,Speaker x 1

Power Supply: 350W

Cooling System: 2 x 80MM fans

Motherboard Compatibility: ATX/Baby AT

Dimensions: 440 x 200 x 430mm

Link if you need it







Supported CPU: Socket A AMD Athlon XP/Athlon/Duron Processors

Chipset: nForce2 Ultra 400 + MCP-T

FSB: 266/333/400MHz

RAM: 3x DIMM support Dual Channel DDR400/333/266/200 Max 3GB

IDE: 2x UltraDMA 133 up to 4 Devices

Slots: 1x AGP 8X, 5x PCI

Ports: 2xPS2,1xCOM,1xLPT,6xUSB2.0(Rear 4),1xLAN,SPDIF In/Out,Audio Ports

Onboard Audio: Realtek ALC650 6-Channel Codec

Onboard LAN: 10/100Mbps

Onboard SATA/RAID: Silicon Image sil3114, 4x SATA w/ RAID 0/1

Onboard 1394: MCP-T+Agere FW803, 3 Ports

Form Factor: ATX








I am in love with this thing



Compatibility: AMD Athlon XP up to 3400+

Dimensions: Fan: 80 x 80 x 32 mm, HeatSink: 82 x 65.6 x 49 mm

Bearing Type: Dual Ball Bearing

Nominal Speed(RPM): 2000

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wow - how many breaths did you take while typing that?? you about knocked my wind out LMAO j/k ;)


you just about got everything you need to know listed right there


hmmm some things that come to mind..... your ram is unbuffered - you would know if it was cause its $$$$


the thermal compound - be carefull yes - make sure that its not too thick or too thin -> l <-- bout that thick on your processor (.002 in)2 thousanths


the touching metal isnt as necessary as you put it - ive never grounded myself and have tried to static shock a puter but i have always failed in frying it lol :( just lean on the case that way you dont hafta worry about always "touching" metal first


i think youre on your way to building a nice machine


all the parts you shown will work quite nicely together but you mention nothing that i saw about a graphix card lol - wanna make sure you got one of those b4 you plug everything in just to find out there isnt anywhere to plug in your monitor ;) GL and HF



*edit* this is how much your motherboard can hold:

RAM: 3x DIMM support Dual Channel DDR400/333/266/200 Max 3GB - the max is PC3200 at 3072MB's aka 3GB's

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lol it would be funny if i forgot a graphics card!


but i already have one and i dotn think theres a compatibilty issuee... since it works in this peioce it has to work in that!



i have a ati 9600 256 MB



i like occ already you guys are fast an smart!


i poste don another foruma nd i STILL havent got an answer 3 days later :(

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i love computer noise :-D


I went to a locol store near nere called micro center, jsut to get somthing and i decided id look around for a bit and i looks at the heatsink,case, and mobo i am getting... the case looks AMAZING, i mena over the comptuer it looks cool but wow.... its so wonderfull looking. the heatsink is HUGE i took it out of the packagign and put it on to mobo to make sure it will fit... and its a great fit...



my friend has the aspire x alien i think... and he was obsessed with that thing and wouldnt admit there was a better lookign case in the world. and when he seen it he got jelious that i was getting it.. pretty funny.



but over all im really satisified, that all this will work and fit greatley together, and not to mention all of it looks really good. for a cheap price :)..



later i do plan to add more, and faster ramm, and a faster cpu. but that will come when i get a new grpahics card... since i recentley found out that 256 MB cards are not even used and most the card out now will be obseleate in a few years :'(

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Looks pretty good. The DFI board is very well accepted on this forum, so I doubt you'll get any bad reviews on it. The only item I might have commented on was the TT volcano, but if you like noise, than so be it.


Also, don't forget to back up your files before doing all of this (docs, saved games, profiles, e-mail, etc.)


You can do a search on the board (i'm lazy) to find out how to apply the arctic silver, but it's pretty easy.


For your CPU, definitely look into a mobile chip, you can OC that bad boy much easier (i'm personally waiting on better cooling before I get mine going).


You also might want to look into a separate PSU (like an Antec or Enermax) for more controlled and even voltages. Remember: the psu is the heart of your computer, don't skimp on it.

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I know you love the case but if you are doing this all over a little heat I would suggest the raidmax 668wbp just because it is a pretty reasonable aluminum case I have never got into the 30c range with a steal case and I like the asus a7n8x-e deluxe mobo just because I am not to familliar with DFI. The 420 watt power supply on the raidmax seems solid Just not alot of power plugs. Like I said if your doing it all over heat go aluminum. You can also formatt your drive during windows installation you don't have to do it before you take it out of the old case that way you can run over the old case alot sooner.

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