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Placement of Probes on CPU

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I ordered the Direct Doc 5, and will be installing it in a new case with new MB & CPu tomorrow.  

When I place the Probe for the CPU, which placement do I use?


1) Between the MB & Processor, with the wires running between the pins.

2) After seating the processor with the probe attached to the top of the CPU under the SHIM.


3) Over the shim before the Copper Cooler.


And one final question,  will it be better to use the motherboard header for the CPU cooler or power it from the direct Doc 5.


Thanks for your help.


OOPs one more quick question, other than the video card, CPU & MB where else should I place the probes?

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2 chip set sensors and 6 air probes are included...the probe goes under the cpu so that the wire is run between the pins...has instructions that you have read to be able to use it that show you pics....air outside, indside and in difrent parts of the case...i measare my memory, sound card, vid, cpu, HD's, and case temp out side and inside.

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