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Amd Hypertransport

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I'm probably not the best person to describe this, but since no one else has, I'll give it a shot. Everyone else, please feel free to stomp all over me.... :Dbe gentle


The P4's bus goes from the CPU to the memory controller, then to the system memory banks. This bus is capped at ~3.97 GB/Sec each direction, and it can only talk in one direction at a time (at 533MHz after a quad pump).


The AMD cpu takes advantage of an integrated memory controller, so that extra bus-stop is removed (no pun intended). This bus moves along at ~3.2GB/Sec in each direction - but this bus can also talk in both directions at one time, so it comes out to a theoritical maximum transfer rate of ~6.4GB/Sec.




AMD says they invented this technology (with help from several outsiders), and it's managed by the HyperTransport Consortium (home page), and they have a good FAQ page. Their main claim to fame is the architechture for bus interconnects. Instead of having huge (and old) shared busses like PCI, it's consolidated into a smaller faster bus that combines the formerly separated control, data, and address busses. Because of these changes, it's supposedly up to 80x faster than PCI (32bit at 33MHz = 133MB/Sec) while the raw transfer of HT can be up to 22.4 GB/Sec. Sweet!

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