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Hey guys ive been reading for about a week now and i learned a lot of awsome stuff on choosing the things to build my pc. Final Decision


p4 3.0c Northwood Goal: 3.75 @ 250FSB

p4c800-E Delux

520W Vantec PSU

Vantec 92mm Tornado

Thermalright SP94

BFG O/Ced 6800 Ultra

OCZ PC4000 Gold

2 x 74gb 10000rpm raptor

LG 4120 dvd/cd burner

16x toshiba dvd

and the thing that took me the longest to decide on and im gonna take a gamble on is the thermaltake Xaser 3 v2000a case. Mainly b/c of 7 fans and great ability to kool


Anyways as the subject indicates i wanted to share an awsome website i found out about that helped me learn some thing throughout my research. http://www.3dgameman.com/ has freakin awsome kick . video reviews on a lot of products out there and it is VERY informative. Videos are good quality and are about 4min each... I hope i was able to help some people out there by indicating this site :)

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Im glad you chose intel :)


Anyway i can vouche for you getting OCZ gold pc4000. its what i have and i run it 1:1 at 275FSB 2.9V


I would advise against getting an ASUCKS board tho. the volt drop on them is really anoying.


Get a nice DFI Lanparty or Abit IC7 Max3

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I'm glad to know that we've been helpful in your quest for the uber-computer! :) Those components you've chosen all look very good...I think you will be very happy. Asus makes very nice boards, but General is correct about the voltage drooping. The P4C series are great boards, but if you really want to OC far on one you'll end up having to do the droop mod. If you aren't comfortable doing the mod, then I'd suggest the IC7-maxIII or the Lanparty 875, just like general said.


You'll love the dual raptors.

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