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Video Cards For Sale


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Alright, got two video cards for sale. One is an ATi Radeon 8500 AIW (64MB). Never been OCed and runs fine. The 8500 AIW was the only AIW to have a digital tuner (everything else had analog... even 9800 AIW). Has DVI, coax cable, Firewire, and VID I/O (and DVI to VGA adapter). Nice card for someone who wants a video editing PC or is making a PC for their kids but wants to save on not buying a TV for them as well :P. Easily worth $70 US plus $3 shipping (also to US. Unknown Canada shipping)


Second is a nVidia FX5200 PCI. Comes with a fanless copper cooler. Also never been OCed. Great for a budget PC or low level gamer. No asking price, so make an offer. Same shipping.


I can take pictures if you want, but otherwise I'm too lazy to pull out the camera


*update* Alright, here's the 8500



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