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I Think My Cd-rw Is Dying :(


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I've had this Sony CRX 320 for just under a year. Today i tried to burn some music cd's in Nero and the first one was fine. Then i tried the second, it burned until about 1/4 way through and then said "Burn Failed". Thats all it said. I kept blaming the CD-R's cause i've never used them before.

The Cd-R's i was using are JVC Audio. I kept burning more, some would finish...others would stop at 1/4 way through. Then i eventually gave up and tried burning them with my DVD-RW and it worked perfectly. Is this a sign of my drive failing? Or did it just not like those CD-R's? Ill buy some different CD-R's and test some more before pulling it apart. If i still get probs, shuld i upgrade the firmware or jsut try cleaning the lens? :(

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