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Home Made W/c

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Ok i really dont have a need to W/c but i would like to W/c my cpu and that only . so could i get a pump, Big heatsink , and a Bowl and make a Homemade w/c or is it just better to stick to air

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It doesn't sound like he's talking about kits to me :)


You'd need:


o pump

o water block

o radiator

o fan

o reservior or t-line

o some tubing

o lots of jubilee clips (wormdrive I think us peoples call them?) or plastic hose clips

o some deionised or distilled water, or this amazing fluid xp+ stuff


I would say use google and do a quick search for water cooling tutorial or something :) Have a good read at some stuff, there should be lots of good info out there!

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what you can do is quite simple...if you've got experience in metal-working....



take a block of copper (.5" thick) and cut a spiral design in it, or whatever you please. spiral works nice. grab a piece of lucite and cut it to fit on top of the block. put a barb at one end of the spiral, and a bard at the other end. glue the lucite on the copper block, and there you have a very nice water block.


you can get your own pump...perhaps a via 1300...they're cheap and have an awesome amount of flow (370gph)


as for a rad, you can use a transmission fluid cooler...as long as it has 1/2" barbs, and you can fit it in your case, (or in an external box...whatever tickles your fancy) go for it!


then get tubing from your hardware store. also, grab a t-piece.



hook it all up....and you're good. your very own custom (homemade) cooling.

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