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Artec Cdrw And Artec Dvd Rom


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Anyone use these drives??? Recently built a new computer using both of these drives. Jumpers are correct, cables installed correctly, bios on auto detect for drives.

Everything set up great... windows installed, programs installed, plays dvd's and cd's fine. Problem is when trying to burn using nero express, drives do not recognize there is a disc installed. Say's- install disc when there is one installed. Or after putting the disc in drive, the drive shuts down and light goes off.

Also, GAMES. When installing games.... the drive just shuts off. After about 3-4 times of opening and closing the drive, it will finally see the cd and start the install.

Went to manufacturer web site and double checked the setup of both drives...fine. They do have drivers to download from website but says they are not needed to run in xp so I emailed them and still waiting for their reply. The warranty to zipzoomfly is up in 2 days and need to figure this out.

Does ANYONE have these drives?


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