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Setting Up My Watercooling


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to start off heres my current air cooled rig

3.0ghz p4c (swtiftech mx4000 + 30cfm fan)

9600XT 128mb sapphire (thermaltake giant II)

1024mb dual channel ddr (Crucial)

clear acrylic case with 3 intakes and 3 exaust (including psu)


ive read its a good idea to build your own setup rather than buying a kit. ive been building computers for years but never with watercooling so i come to you guys for advice.


i want to keep my pump and radiators external (on ac power) to keep their heat out of my case. i only want the cpu, vpu, and chipset blocks and a bay resivior on the inside.


id like to keep this under $200 so im going for best bang for my buck.


so far ive come up with:


$23 - Pump - Via 1300 (370 gph)

$38 - Radiator - 2x PRO-120 (clearance for $19 each)

$30 - CPU - AquaGold Waterblock

$37 - Chipset - Swiftech MCW20

$26 - Bay Resivior

$ ?? - tubing, clips, additives, dyes...


1) i cant seem to find a budget VPU cooler, any suggestions? are ram sinks for the video card worth getting?


2) Rather the have the tubes running through an open pci slot, does anyone know of a pci slot cover with 1/2" ID connectors? ive seen them come with certain kits but never sold individually, that would allow me to move the case without having to dissasemble everything.


i have more questions but im not done searching these forums.

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