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Howdy Overclockers


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How's it going all. Just wanted to introduce myself.


I am 24, and I love PC modding. I have done a bit of dremel work, but my passion is fabrication. I am stuck in the "Great" state of KS, so there realyl isn't anything other to do but Mod cases, or play with PC's :P


I am currently working on design ideas for a Knightrider Case, and am very excited about that. I am also very open to any ideas and suggestions, so please feel free to message me any ideas you may have, and I could try to bring it to life.


Just wanted to say whats up, and give a small intruduction.



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Welcome to OCC...



Kitt rocked...



Now go tip a Cow!!




Hope you have a long and productive stay in our little corner of the web

Furries...Lama's...and now cows!?!?


*sigh* Welcome to our ward..i mean world.

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