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New Server: Which Os?!


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I have just build a pretty nice new server including dual opteron processors and I've been having an issue recently because the first two operating systems I installed failed to install (Windows Server 2003 64bit beta, and Windows XP 32bit) I think the reason may be because I'm installing on a SCSI drive... any advice? Below is the detailed specs of the server


Motherboard: Tyan Thunder K8W (dual opteron support)

Processor: 2x AMD Opteron 248 at 2.2Ghz

RAM: 4x Corsair DDR400 1GB Registered ECC modules

SCSI Controller: Adaptec 29320A-R

Hard Drives: 2x 15000rpm SCSI drives at 73Gb each hooked up through Ultra320 SCSI

Video Card: nVidia Quadro4 980 XGL

CD-Rom: lite-on DVD-/+RW

floppy drive


As I was installing the beta of Windows Server 2003 64-Bit edition, the installation went fine as I formatted the SCSI disk (using the windows installation formatter) and copying the files initally to the disk went fine. After the setup rebooted to go finish installing in graphical set up mode, it just stopped there, totally stopped. Mouse moved fine, those annoying windows information boxes kept poping up, but no status bar, and no progress on the install after waiting an hour.


With Windows XP, the samething almost happened, except it did get further than the Windows Server installation. When the XP installation got to the end where it does "Saving Settings..." it was going ungodly slow (said 8 minutes remaining and it was taking hours) and about 75% done, it had a memory dump BSOD.


I can't understand why this is happening... and I really need an OS on this machine! any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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