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Tracking Sites/ips

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I know there is a way or a site with a service that tracks where a site is from, geographicly speakin. Does anyone know how to do this?

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Download site




This prog has traceroute, whois, etc.

You have to find the general area through Reverse DNS of the hubs.


Traceroute the ip of newegg:


Like in step 5 st6wa stands for seattle WA

Then it goes to step 6 sffca - San Fransisco CA

la2ca - Los Angeles


After that it stays in LA - so Neweggs server is in LAor near


Or if the person hosts a webserver you can whois the ip and get at least a provider, if not contact info including adress too. If someone hacked you, you might be able to call the provider and see who the ip is leased to and get info that way if you are seeking law intervention.

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Sam Spade is an awesome service! Not only for the tracking items Dignan mentioned above, but it's also an excellent way to test a network from someplace other than you own machine.


You can also check out Visual Trace at http://visualroute.visualware.com/ - this one has purdy pictures to show where the hops are coming from...

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here is a better way...


Get your Site you wanna trace,

Go to www.dnsstuff.com, findout what records are avalable, remember their hosting can be in china and they could be located down the hall from ya!


Once you get the records, odds are the MX (mail) is to the actual company. Then...


go to geobytes.com <- could be off on the name, check it for ya later

do an IP trace from this website, you will get the long/lat of the actual router that has the first hop to a main back bone. If they are on dialup (probably not) they could be up to 30 miles away. If T1, you got them within 100foot. DSL or cable could be 3km.


Grab the address and from the geobytes page, cross ref with mapblast or mapquest. You have the ISP who owns that IP. Call the ISP and give them all the info you have and trick them into telling you the company name (most likely dif) then 411 that name, you have their receptionist...



(assuming the www.networksolutions.com "whois" gives you a bad phone# or copany)



I've done this a few times!


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