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Ub4H n00B!

Xp 1800 O/cing...

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Alright I just bought my new right a couple of weeks ago and i think its about time that i start some overclocking and crap..


this is the rig


AMD XP 1800+

ASUS a7V333 MOBO w/out raid

Volcano 9 Heatsink

256 megs of PC 2700 DDR Ram (samsung)

MSI GeForce 4 Ti4200 128 megs of ram

40 gig 7200 RPM HD

and.. burner and some other random crap


soo... i have no clue what the heck to do to overclock this.. i dont want to unlock it.. and go insane overclocking... i just want to gain a couple 100 mhz and keep my cpu cool



[email protected]

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"Ub4H..." interesting way of spelling "super..." in Deutsch. :huh:


Anyways, Bosco's the man when it comes to insane overclocking, but to get your started:


Check your BIOS' FSB settings, and increase your FSB in small increments (maybe 10Mhz or so), and see how your system reacts to it (stable? crashes? heatwaves?). Repeat until your system becomes unstable in a benchmarking program. From there, drop your FSB 1MHz at a time (if possible, otherwise go to the next lower option) until your system stabilizes again.


Just make sure your heatsink and fan are properly attached, otherwise your CPU will die a thermal death because the HS isn't drawing heat from the die (bad pun... I mean the CPU core) and therefore it cannot dissipate the increased heat as quickly due to the higher FSB settings.


Have fun.

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Whoa, fast! :D


If your system goes a little unstable, but you want to keep your FSB settings, you can try to increase your voltage settings as well (again, in the smallest increments possible), but keep in mind increasing your voltage will add a significant amount of heat to your CPU, as compared to increasing the FSB alone. Most mobos have an upper limit imposed on the voltage settings to prevent users from "accidently" frying their CPU. If you can't go any higher in terms of voltage, then maybe there's where you should peak.

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