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Rather then repost my past several days of problems, I'll link to where I posted on another board: (gaming name is "Attla") I think you guys would really enjoy this story:




All these pc problems I am having have raised questions of a general nature. I have scoured this board, tomshardware, etc and can't seem to find some "general knowledge" like:


What exactly is 4x AGP vs 8X ? (my system is unstable at 8X while playing everquest, but runs fine 4X on a Radeon 9700Pro)


Would it have something to do with my poor memory (as noted in that above link)


What are "good" temperatures for cpu and especially video card? I bought a new case and picked up the temp monitor thing that fits in a drive bay. I put the thermistor as close to the GPU as I could get it (in between the fan and heatsink and gpu) and it reads as 122degrees F under no real load (just average surfing, etc) and only a few degrees higher when running games.


I have a XP2700 which I guess is a Thornton and not a Barton. My Gigabyte GA-7VAX will only run in 100mhz with dipswitches at max multiplier of 18 also with switches (anything set to auto and it runs the chip at 166 where it should be which crashes my memory, see above link.)


Under average load my 2700 is running at 96 degrees F, but that's in the current configuration of 100mhz bus X 18 so I would assume it would raise a decent bit running 'normally". I use a stock AMD cooling fan and the high quality heat sink, forget what it was called, quicksilver or something comes in a little syringe.


I am looking for a way to get my video card to cool off, but I have heard the cyclone slot type fans don't work too well since they just circulate hot air around inside the case more then anything else? Are there any other solutions?


I'm sure I have forgotten a few things, here are basic specs and keep in mind I will be getting Ballistix pc3200 memory by the end of the week. I'm much more interested in stability with a modest increase in performance then just all out performance overclocking.


Athlon XP 2700+ stock cooling

Gigabyte GA-7VAX

2 X 512 Samsung PC2700 (non parity)

Western Digital Caviar 7200rpm - 80GB

Radeon 9700 Pro

Turtle Beach Santa Cruz



Any insight to help me along the path to future geekdom would be highly appreciated

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Welcome to OCC... unfortunally the "OCC n00bs" isn't a help fourm... just a place to say hi.


We have a number of hardware forums available for you to ask for help about anything you may have problems with. Please make use of them. :)

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