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Water mod opnions

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#1 Guest_FreakyDrOverclock_*

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Posted 24 September 2001 - 02:03 AM

Don't worry, your case won't break...An external scsi-case full of heavy hd's on the top of a case doesn't hurt anyone (not even the case ;)) proven...

If you give the external cooling-box a fine design it will be a fine eye-catcher (like blue fluorescent cooling-fluid :o or a ship's screw as fan...)

#2 Guest_PostalBoy_*

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Posted 23 September 2001 - 06:37 PM

I have the parts for the water cooling mod. I feel very uncomfortable cutting up my case though. I came up with the idea to build a box to house the pump and radiator that will mount under my case. This would add about 4 inches of height to the case and also keep the center of balance for the system very low... Another pro for this is the fact that the case temps will not reflect in the processor heat.

#3 wirefist


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Posted 12 November 2001 - 10:14 PM

i have the same system mostly as your putting in, if your case is big enough, then you should only have to drill holes for the radiator, nothing elce.  ill send pics to you if you want them, just let me know.  Matt ;)

#4 Guest_FreakyDrOverclock_*

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Posted 23 September 2001 - 10:58 PM

You'll need some holes for the  tubes anyway...
Why not place the box onto the top of your system? Make an open box with a LARGE heatsink:biggrin:

#5 bass_freak


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Posted 15 November 2001 - 08:15 PM

I was thinking of doing the same thing, Making a box to go under over or to the side of my case with the radiotor and pump and maybe make a homemade resevoir. Let me know how yours turns out.

#6 Guest_PostalBoy_*

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Posted 24 September 2001 - 01:51 AM

That was an option, only thing that I am concerned about is how top heavy it would be.

#7 Guest_FreakyDrOverclock_*

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Posted 16 November 2001 - 01:43 AM

got a plan .... try to upload the spec ... need to dump it onto some webpage...firewall in my company doesn't allow ftp :(
will try from home!