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Drastic Change In Pc Perfomance, Weird Probs

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my maxtor has been giving the noise(like how old hd's sound) since the day i bought it.


both hd's are on ide1 with wd on master & maxtor on slave ..


as for using the multimeter to check the power consumed .. where can i find more features on how to do this ..


& no one said anything abt my doubt on hdd's heating up & shutting down? is it possible ?

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hey i was just looking at this and you said nav update got disabled a lot of viruses can do this as for the drive going mad it could be writing changing things - deleting things

performance would practically disappear.could cause overheating and make cpu go full load all the time.Somtimes formatting doesnt allways get rid of it

the fan could have been on the way out anyway no telling

i would do a full virus scan to make sure or go to nav site for a online scan

i know this happened too me once lost about 2000files they were all still in the system (the titles) but nothing in them the virus had deleted the lot. :(

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