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How To Optimize This System?


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my rig could be a little faster :-)



Athlon XP 2600+ Thoroughbred 133MHz FSB (2133 MHz stock)

Epox EP8-KHA+ (KT266A)

1x 512 Infineonchip PC2700 CL2.5

2x 256 Elixir PC2100 CL2.5

Sapphire Radeon 9800Pro 128MB 256Bit

2x Samsung SP1614N


bequiet 450W PSU


i already tried to oc the cpu, but with relatively poor results as my board doesn't provide any means to fix agp/pci busses. could get up to 140 FSB x 16. already had to up the vcore a little. Better than nothing.


i don't want to take the risk that my hdd's or radeon gets killed because of that. do they suffer from such a small bus frequeny increase? in my calculation it would be 70Mhz AGP und 35Mhz PCI!?


the radeon has the vga silencer and ramsinks, but if i go higher than 398/357 core/mem i get artifacts in far cry (flashing "shadows" sometimes).


ram timings are 2.5-3-3-6. i know it's kinda crappy ram but i don't want to invest in any new components right now.


did some benchmarks, noticing that my 2600+ t-bred is already slightly faster than a 2800+ barton. nothing special though in wcpuid.




so what could i do?



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www.tweaktown.net, take all the Reformat to relax Windows XP and Relax to rightgeous guides, dont forget to take the System Optimization guide, i do them everytime i reformat and ur system will be blazing fast, also get Tuneup utilities and run the Harddrive clean and Register fix things, dont forget to use adaware to get rid of spyware which slows down computer

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already do all the stuff you mentioned. had a clean win install 2 weeks ago (hdd crash). drivers are up to date.





i managed to get the cpu as high as 144x16. not primestable (~5 minutes) but windows and games work without problems.



at any higher speeds windows freezes completely or all programs freeze but i can still move the mouse. what to do then? vcore is already upped to 1,74. vdimm is upped to 2,7. temps are ok (40

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