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Sff Motherboard & Case

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Hey everyone,

I was wondering what the best SFF case would be. Here is what I've got so far:

I was going to get a shuttle XPC sn45g. Then I realized they have their own form factor (right?), and if the motherboard blew i'd be stuck w/ shuttle products. Not for me...


It seems that the only case that is available that I can find right now is the Antec Aria Aluminum Cube Case (here ). This fits pretty well, besides the fact that its old and a newer version of it may be out?


Here are my requirements of what I need in my case:

* Front panel with USB etc... preferably with firewire (if not, then the mb has to have firewire on the back)

* MicroATX form factor

* It has to be a SFF, like the shuttle XPC or this case. This means not a mini-tower, etc

* 5.25" bay, of course

*3.5" bay would be nice to put a temp monitor in

* internal bays for 2 hard drives would be nice as well, if there isnt a 3.5" bay to put a hdd behind

* also, > 1 pci slot would be cool, but i was about to buy the shuttle without, so its not too bad so long as everything is onboard


The requirements for the motherboard are as follows:

*nForce chipset with dual channel DDR

* 400mhz ram, PC3200

* 5.1 or better onboard sound / 10/100 or better LAN

* 400mhz fsb socket A

* 8x agp

* firewire and usb 2 headers, firewire on the back would be marvelous (but hard to come by)

* Important: overclocking options. i NEED overclocking options! (fsb, voltage, multiplier), etc.

* SATA would be nice, but not *too* important


Ive been searching for awhile, and there are a few motherboards available, but they all seem to have the same specs, ~$100, and i cant tell if they have overclocking options. Anyone have any advice? I'd really really appreciate it.


all of this would have to be < $200, seeing as how the shuttle xpc i was looking at is that price @ newegg.com

i can get that case for $96, as well.

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