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Chip Voltage?

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Ok just have had teh Asus uber bios 1007 for awhile and i have no idea what this does


CHIP Voltage Control selection choices now range from 1.6V - 1.9V ]





would this help a overclock at all? :foldon:



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Certainly sounds like the Chipset voltage. I'm running an NF7 so not sure how yours is exactly, but the 3 voltages I can tweak are Vcore, Vdimm, and the chipset.


If it's around 1.5 volts, probably the chipset.

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Yup,, technical definition of Northbridge: "the Northbridge is the chip or chips that connect a CPU to memory, the PCI bus, Level 2 cache and AGP activities. The Northbridge chips communicate with the CPU through the FSB. "


So overclocking and upping your FSB requires it to work harder. So just like you ram or cpu, a little more juice helps. If you think you've hit your wall on OC'in, try tappin the voltage up a bit and see if it helps.


I think I have mine at 1.7 or 1.8, its late cant remember. Stock is 1.5 I believe.


you can fry your chipset if you go crazy with it though.

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as mentioned, it is for the northbridge....


it is another one of those settings that is board dependant... menaing, what works for you doens't work for the next guy...and vice versa...


I did a bunch of testing and on my board (admittedly it isn't an Asus, but you get the idea..) I ended up just leaving it on Auto...


myself and many other users found that raising the NB voltage actually decreased stability on the board...



but there were some users that I have read about who needed the higher voltage/

go figure!



I still have an A7N8X Deluxe around here (not my main board now..) and played with that setting and found that for me, it didn't make any difference....

it didn't effect my overclock at all....



so have fun experimenting and let us know how it works out for you

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