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Ive read about this (mostly just on these forums :P ) and what was most particular to me was the post by nuclear in which he mentioned PCI-E. Now, i maybe appear a complete noob for asking this, but did they release the PCI-E yet? if so, where can you get it, and the motherboard compatibility? Is it easy to find motherboards that support the PCI-E as well? Also, is it exponentially more expensive for the PCI-E?


Also, i am getting the Zalman Reserator water cooling system, and was planning ongetting a VGA block for it as well. Will this be a good idea, to remove the stock air cooling on an x800 for watercooling?

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I knwo this is a dumb question but wiill there be a Convertter from PCi-X ti pci-E for the DFi NF3

There isn't going to be PCI-X or PCI-E on that board.



PCI-X is a high-speed version of PCI which is used in workstations and servers. It is not on any desktop, and it will not be on any desktop board.


The will not be any PCI > PCI-E converter, since PCI is a Parallel interface, and PCI-e is a seriel interface. Even if there was, it would still be limited to the bandwidth of PCI, therfore it would be useless


yes, they have released PCI-x. it's only on socket 939/940 i think


someone correct me if i'm wrong


You are wrong. PCI-e is currently available only on LGA775 boards. nForce 4 will support PCI-e, but no current A64 chipsets support it.

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