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Photoshop Effect, Help Me!

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can someone help me make the effect below in photoshop... I don't even know where to begin. I'm trying to get the effect of the lines that are shades of blue...


here's the pic:



here's another:




Thanks a lot!!

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Figure out what size you want your stripes to be (e.g. 2px, 4px, etc.) and make a new doc twice that size. Fill half of it with your darker color, and half with the lighter color. Now go to edit>define pattern. Your pattern will now be added to the rest of 'em. Create a new layer on top of whichever image you want the stripes over, and select the whole layer. Then go to edit>fill. When the fill dialog box pops up, it will say use:foreground color. Click the arrow to the right and you get a dropdown box with foreground color, background color, pattern, history, etc. Choose pattern. You should have your stripes now. Adjust the opacity slider for the stripe layer until it looks the way you want it.


I'm pretty much a PS n00b, so I tried to explain it the best I could. Good luck.

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the scan lines:


heres how:


creat a new thing.. 2x1 pixel or 1x2 depending on what direction stripes you like.


zooooooom .. fill half with black and make sure other half is TRANSPARENT



then define it as pattern


then on your image.


fill pattern>select your thing you created


drop it on new layer

change layer to multiply and drop opacity until you like it

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heres some other things you can place in roadkills instructions,


when you are defining your pattern try 1 px black 2px white. this will be good if you are trying to make the background less distrating.


after fill in the new layer with the pattern you created, try filters>blur>gaussian> put in something around .5-.8 for a 72dpi document (photoshop defult) if you are working with a high dpi image such as for printing, then use more blur like 1.3-1.5. this with the opacity change will help you show more or less of the background image, to suite how you want it to look.


lastly if you are trying to bring out more detail in the image. click on the background image go to select>color range>highlights. then click the scanlines layer and press del. this will remove the scanlines from the highlights (brighter) areas of the background.

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