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Whats Going On With My Vid Card


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this card was once overclocked, but i have it at stock.


ok so i reformatted about few months ago.. installed windows xp pro, installed mobo drivers, installed cat 4.6s.. and out of random instances i get a message saying that the drivers have done something bad (forgot what) and its disabling the video card... so i was pissed (who wouldnt be) anyway i go to ATI.. dl the new 4.7s, and a few minutes ago i was uploading pics of myself (sending to a girl ^_^) and i get a BSOD.. but this one wasnt about windows, it said something about the video cards BIOS, and to restart......


anyone else experience this??!?!?!?! i dont no how to flash any kind of BIOS.. well becuz ive never had to before...

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