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I will be making a new system in the upcomming months. Its a dual opteron system and was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions or comments on what I'll be getting. Heres the newegg link: http://secure.newegg.com/app/WishR.asp?ID=838440




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That memory won't work in that board. You need Registered memory for Opterons ;)


Edit: You'll also want to get 4 sticks so you can run dual-channel. You need two per processor.


Edit Again: You'll need an EPS12V power supply as well.

Enermax EG851AX-VH(W) FM

Antec TRUE550 EPS12V


Another Edit: Why get a 9800XT when you can get an X800 Pro for the same price?


Last Edit, I Swear: I just noticed that that board shares the memory between the two CPU's, which cripples the bandwidth. Maybe spend a bit more and get something like this


I'm Done :blink:

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I would wait for the PCI-E mobos to come out in Sep. and then look into it again, because you could do an SLI setup, hopefully you wont have to use a server board and server processors to use SLI but right now that is the only choice youve got.

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