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Wiring 2 Psu's Together?

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I am about to build on to my current case so that I can have 2 PSU's working together. Since I have a crap raidmax psu laying around I want to use it to power my fans, lights, fan ctrl's, and drives and have the main psu powering the Mobo, HS Fan, and video card. If i wire the green and black wires together on both PSU's, will that switch them both on when I boot up or will I have to switch the second one on every time?


Also I want to wire them a little differently than normal. Instead of having 2 rails coming out with several molexs on each can I wire each one indivually from inside the psu? That way I can make each molex as long as I need it and I wont have extra connectors hanging down in my case.

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a member here called kolbat has a good guide on it..


just search up his username.. and go to his website.. and his PSU mod guide.. its very very good :)


and dangerous

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