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Water Cooling Setup

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OK i just bought a 5.4 gallon reservoir, via aqua mag submersable pump, danger den rbx water block, 1/2 ID tubing, and a dual 120mm fan radiator (oil cooler). Im hoping to keep my cpu under 35-40 C. DO you think this setup will get the job done?


I know the reservoir is huge but I'm a big fan of overkill and i think it will tie into my case design well.

I believe the pump is rated at 310 gph and has a 6ft head. I hope i worded that right. I know having a submersable pump will add some heat to the water, and thats why i went ahead and got a radiator.


Room Temp is 20-22 C and ill be runnign a p4 2.8 oc'd to 3.5

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You need a radiator anyway. Normally, I wouldn't recommend a submerged pump, but with 5.4 gallons, I don't guess it could hurt that much. The RBX is a good block. Are you only going to be cooling the CPU?

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